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May 11, 2017
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The biggest resource we need for marketing is time

We saw this article by Kit Smith on the next digital marketing trends for 2017. An interesting read with lots of new up and coming technologies and methodologies to look out for. Digital marketing is a very complex subject and more so every day.

Creating time for marketing is key

If you want to get anywhere with your business you know it is all about marketing. Of course, it always has been about marketing. Today though, it is more specifically about digital marketing. To be successful you have to get a lot of unique content out into the public domain. You have to attract and impress your target audience.

The reality is all of this requires time. Researching who your target audience is takes time. Researching what interests your target audience and what content you should write takes time. Researching the channels to use to reach your audience takes time. Creating notable content takes time. Consistently creating notable content takes time. Writing your content in a way that gets picked up by search engines takes time. Uploading content and creating the links to your content takes time. Responding to any comments on your content (if you get any) takes time. Basically, you need a lot of time. Time of course, is the most valuable resource in any business.

Obviously digital marketing is in constant change. Every few months there is a new way of doing things. A new google algorithm, a new tool or app, the latest fad and everything else in between. How do us mere mortals keep up? In truth, from what we’ve witnessed, we don’t. Only the very tech savvy seem to know what’s going on. For the majority of businesses, even the techie ones, we all struggle to keep up. Only a fraction of businesses have a proper marketing strategy and/or budget and even still, not everyone follows their strategy. Usually, due to a lack of time.

So, what is the answer? It seems you simply must create the time. Whether that is, prioritising your marketing activities, outsourcing it, hiring in house, or automating your marketing as much as possible (automation is great) or frankly, a blend of all these things. There are ways to get at least “some” marketing done. There are always new tools coming out there for you to use, some lasting and some a flash in the pan. It is important to remember that after you have waded through all the flashy new tools and apps, that the fundamentals of marketing have not changed. If you provide time, stay true to your audience, stay consistent with your marketing message towards your audience then, you will get noticed.

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