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Top tips from our Marketing Master Class last night
A huge big thanks to Nigel Davey of SME Needs Ltd for his fabulous Master Class last night. We were very pleased to see so many of you attending and asking such great questions. We love it when a session is interactive. ? There was a great mix in the room of newer and more established businesses and it was wonderful that Nigel was able to assist so many of you.
For those who missed the Master Class last night here are a few of the key tips that Nigel made.
  • Facebook is still the number one social media tool for both B2B and B2C. Make sure you use it.
  • Social media is like networking, it’s about building relationships with people, not pushing sales material at them.
  • Automate as much of your marketing as possible. Hootsuite is a great tool for this. You can now also automate your email marketing through the free version of MailChimp too.
  • Discover what is the best time of day to catch your target audience. Do marketing tests throughout the week. Sunday afternoon is a great time to get executives preparing for the week ahead.
  • Get up to date with the new GDPR rules. They are changing and the onus for protecting data is now very much on you.
  • Remember to include snail mail in your marketing campaigns. It is getting great results as there is less mail being sent.
  • Make your email/letter marketing personal and use headlines that encourage people to read on.
  • You must have video and lots of it. It is the number one tool in the market with Live video being the newest and gaining the greatest momentum.

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